• How should I take SC-3?
    We advise people to take 2 pills everyday with warm water after a meal, preferably dinner. This helps to maximise the nutrient absorption in your body. However, if you have serious illnesses, we recommend increasing the dosage to 6 pills per day, spread out after breakfast, lunch and dinner.  
  • What are the ingredients in SC-3?
    SC-3 ingredients are designed based on the result of a collaborative research with the University of Hong Kong on the anti-cancer effect of various types of Sea Cucumber. Each capsule consists of 3 wild catch sea cucumbers which shows the highest anti-proliferative effect, originating from Northern Africa, South America and the middle east.
  • Is SC-3 vegan-friendly?
    No because sea cucumber is an animal.
  • Do SC-3 contain dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar?
    No. SC-3 is made up of only pure sea cucumbers.
  • Are these safe if I'm allergic to seafood?
    Sea cucumbers is a marine animal. If you are allergic to seafood, we recommend you to consult with a physician before taking SC-3.
  • How and where should I store SC-3?
    Keep your bottle in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Cabinets, pantries, and counters are great! Leave it in a place that reminds you to take SC-3 each day to stay on track.
  • Can these be taken with prescription medicine?
    SC-3 is made from pure sea cucumbers, so  if you are allergic to seafood, we recommend you to consult with a physician before taking SC-3. If you are also taking other medications, we still suggest checking in with a physician first to be sure they're a good fit.

Home Delivery

  • How much is the delivery fee?
    It’s free!
  • Do we deliver outside of Hong Kong?
    Yes we do.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Hong Kong: 1 working day
    Overseas: At least 3 working days
  • What is your return policy?
    We only accept return of goods if the product is damaged or missing during the transit.
  • What if the package is damaged or missing?
    We’re sorry to hear your order was damaged or missing in transit. Our support team will be able to arrange an RMA for you. Please email info@labwaybio.com to get in touch with our support team.


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