How does Sea Cucumber Improve Your Health and Vitality?

No Side Effects
Fight Major Disease

Mucopolysaccharides and Saponins



Modulate Immune Systems

Mucopolysaccharides, Bioactive Amino Acids, Lipids

Ease Joint Pains

Collagen, Mucopolysaccharides and Glucosamine

Keep a Healthy Heart

Chondroitin Sulfate

Fatty Acids, EPA

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Mucopolysaccharides, Polypeptides

collagen and bioactive amino acids

Mucopolysaccharides, Polypeptides

Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Bioactive peptides

How does Sea Cucumber Improve Your Health and Vitality?,No Side Effects,Fight Cancer,Reduce Inflammation,Modulate Immune System,Ease Joint Pain,Keep a Healthy Heart,Regulate Blood Sugar,Recover Faster,Heal Gum Diseases
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Our customers love our Sea Cucumbers!

I had prostate cancer 8 years ago and I have been eating sea cucumbers to keep my body healthy and strong. Really appreciate the SC-3 as it dramatically shortens the time to soak and process my sea cucumbers, giving me more time to spend playing with my grand kids!

– Mr. Chow Moon Shu (90), Hong Kong

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Our customers love our Sea Cucumbers!

Having suffering from sleep problems for over 6 years, I had the opportunity to try out the SC-3 for 1 month. After 1 week, I can go back to sleep after I wake up in the middle of the night. After 2 weeks, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night, and in the daytime, I feel much more energized! Thanks Labway!

– Ms. Joanne Chau. (45) Hong Kong

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Our customers love our Sea Cucumbers!

The stressful working life in Hong Kong has made me feel tired everyday; my joints are painful and have been experiencing a lot of women health issues. With insurance coverage, I spend a lot on doctors and medicine every month, which takes away my immediate pains but does not make long term changes to my health. I am very glad to try out the SC-3, which helped me many of my health issues and most importantly gave me more energy

– Ms. Li Yiu Ying (31) Hong Kong

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Our customers love our Sea Cucumbers!

I've taken the SC-3 for a month and I can see changes in my skin. Pores are visibly smaller and there’s an inner glow when I didn't’ even have make up on. I’m really excited to continue taking it and see the more long lasting benefits it has on my immune system.

– Ms. Sandy Lam (28), Hong Kong

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The Natural Way To Fight Joint Pain & Disease

Helping you be the best you can be. Labway has harnessed the power of nature to deliver a potent supplement that works to holistically support your health and wellbeing. Leveraging cutting edge research into the therapeutic benefits of sea cucumbers, we’ve developed a product that helps to provide your whole body with the help it needs to combat disease, manage pain and help you live a better, more fulfilling life.

Headquartered in Sheung Wan and sold in locations across Hong Kong and Taiwan, Labway makes it easy for everyone to benefit from the latest sea cucumber products. Designed from the ground up to offer the support people need to face the challenges of modern life, the Labway SC-3 supplement helps combat a range of health issues  from poor gum health to joint pains, dull skin and poor quality sleep. Whether it’s just another day or you’re trying something extraordinary, make SC-3 a part of your day.

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At Labway, we’re dedicated to offering our clients the most from nature. Our research into the benefits of sea cucumbers is ongoing and done in conjunction with some of the leading research institutions in Hong Kong, ensuring that we’re always leading the way in natural health supplements.

Discover something exceptional and learn more about the powers of the sea cucumber. Order your supplements through our online store or get in touch with our team with any questions on 852 5510-6907 or via email at and we’ll be pleased to assist you in any way we can.