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sea cucumber capsules 海參丸
sea cucumber supplement 海參丸

SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack

$880.00 HKD $960.00 HKD

SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack
SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack SC-3 (60 Capsules) Bundle Pack

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is an all natural, saponins containing supplement that is crucial to improve your health and vitality. 

Each capsule of SC-3 comprises of 3 types of Sea Cucumbers that contains the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities.

How does SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® improve your health and vitality?

immune system supplement


The immune system is the body’s defense against infectious organisms and other invaders.

Through over 18 types of amino acids, saponins and mucopolysaccrides, sea cucumbers support the immune health and power up your body’s natural defense to let you stay away from different types of ever-mutating enemies.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® right now to upgrade your body’s defense system and live with more vitality!

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immune system supplement

Help You Fight Major Illness

Sea Cucumbers contain 2 special bioactives which helps you fight major illness.

Unique saponins in certain sea cucumbers attack and inhibit growth of abnormal cells. Together with mucopolysaccharides, which inhibit angiogenesis and prevents the growth and metastasis of abnormal cells, these 2 special elements give you the best support to fight abnormal cells.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® now and fight major illness together!

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Anti-Fatigue & Better Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep even when you are tired, and having trouble getting back to sleep? Sleeplessness, can be caused by stress, health conditions or even bad eating habits.

Sea cucumbers contain unique polypeptides, amino acids and mucopolysaccarides that has anti-fatigue properties, helps you to ease insomnia and get your energy back.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® to improve your sleep and to regain your youth and vitality!

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海參 抗衰老 護膚 better skin

Anti-Aging and Better Skin

Beauty and youth are valued among women of this generation who have to deal with enormous pressure from both family and work. Apart from your regular skin care regime, it is important to replenish your body with valuable nutrients that will help to achieve natural beauty from the inside out.

Sea cucumbers are not only low in cholesterol, low in fat, but also rich in unique bioactive such as saponins, polypeptides, chondroitin sulfate, collagen, arginine and amino acids which help you to regenerate and restore damaged cells, smoothen and refine your skin, resulting in glowing and youthful looking skin.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® now. Conquer all your challenges with beauty and grace!

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海參 前列

Prostate Support

Men entering middle-age face different kinds of prostate challenges, such as increase of frequency, sleep disruption, affecting quality of life. It is of utmost importance to start caring about your prostate health right now.

Sea Cucumbers are full of amino acids, its unique arginine helps to enhance vitality, reduces frequency and promote a healthy prostate.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® now, build self-confidence and restore quality of life.

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Wound Healing

Sea Cucumbers have amazing regenerative powers. Not only can sea cucumbers regenerate their own body tissue when injured, some species spit out its entire organs when they are under attack and continue to live afterwards.

Sea Cucumbers contain lots of unique bioactives, including different kinds of amino acids and collagen which may help you to speed up recovery of your wounds after injuries or surgeries.

Take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® right now, speed up your recover and regain your vitality!

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sea cucumber capsules

Our Story

SC-3 Cucumber Capsules® deliver health benefits of the sea cucumbers in the most convenient way!

sea cucumber pills

Take 2 SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® every day to benefit from unique saponins as effective as 1 sea cucumber

sea cucumber pills

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® saves you time and trouble to process and cook sea cucumbers

sea cucumber pills

Labway's experts curate, process, powder and capsulize the best Sea cucumber in VCAPS vegetarian capsules to gain maximum health benefit out of its water soluble active ingredients for your convenient daily intake.

sea cucumber capsules

How is SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® made?

Our customers love our sea cucumbers!

sea cucumber supplement reviews
I had prostate cancer 8 years ago and I have been eating sea cucumbers to keep my body healthy and strong. Really appreciate the SC-3 as it dramatically shortens the time to soak and process my sea cucumbers, giving me more time to spend playing with my grand kids!

– Mr. Chow Moon Shu (90), Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement reviews
The stressful working life in Hong Kong has made me feel tired everyday; my joints are painful and have been experiencing a lot of women health issues. I am very glad to try out the SC-3, which helped me many of my health issues and most importantly gave me more energy.

– Ms. Li Yiu Ying, Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement reviews
SC-3 sea cucumber pills is the key to being healthy, and my family eat them for its health benefits. I need lots of energy to take care my kids, and my skin condition worsen because i always had to stay up late. I don’t have time to take a proper care for my skin conditions, and my mental pressure is very high. Sea cucumber helps me to be more energetic and my skin condition improves a lot. Before I also get sick easily, however after taking SC-3, my immune system gets stronger because i don’t get sick.

– Ms Suki Y., Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement reviews
My health was worse because of the intense working pressure and overtime work. I had insomnia, i couldn’t fall asleep and keep moving around all night. I had to use sleeping pills to help me fall asleep. I realise I have to be more cautious on my poor health as I always get cold, fever and cough. Later my colleagues introduced SC-3 to me. I can see the result after taking it for more than one month. Now I can sleep well until the next morning. I become healthier, have less acne on my face, and my skin is smoother and brighter. I have continued to take SC-3 sea cucumber pills for 3 months already. I will recommend this to my friends and hope everyone become healthier!

– Ms. Sandy Chan, Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement reviews
SC-3 helps me to sleep better, increases my immune system and i get less nasal allergy.

– Ms. Wain W., Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement reviews
SC-3 sea cucumber pills improves my immune system and I have a much better sleep quality. Now I feel great and ready to face new challenges everyday!

– Ms AliKenji I., Hong Kong

sea cucumber supplement


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