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How we Started?

Centuries old wisdom meets technology

sea cucumber
sea cucumber

Our Beginning: Using Nature to help us Heal

Apart from being a Chinese delicacy, sea cucumbers offer many health benefits that may be the answer to many of the diseases and sickness we see today.

In 2016, Hong Kong sea cucumber experts Mr. Fung and Mr. Sit founded Labway Biotechnology with a mission to harness and deliver the health benefits of sea cucumbers to the world.

First Step: Anti-Cancer Properties of Sea Cucumbers

Research around the world show overwhelming evidence that bioactives extracted from sea cucumber combats certain diseases and we are still only scratching the surface of the numerous medicinal qualities hidden in these sea creatures.

In 2017, together with the University of Hong Kong, Labway discovered that certain species of sea cucumbers contain unique saponins that are significantly more effective in inhibiting certain cancer cells than others.

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Making sea cucumber available for everyone, everyday

The founders didn’t stop after the research was completed.

Knowing that most people don’t have time to process nor eat sea cucumbers everyday, Labway partnered with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology and developed the SC-3 Sea Cucumbers Capsules, an all natural, saponin containing sea cucumber supplement that allows people to enjoy the health benefits of sea cucumbers in the most convenient manner.

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Research, Research, Research

Building on the success of the SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®, Labway setup its research labs at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and was joined by Dr. Chan Ka Yee, a passionate and experienced chemist and marine biologist to further study the health benefits of the amazing sea animals.

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Replenishing what Mother Nature gives us

Sea cucumbers are echinoderms that play a crucial role in recycling nutrients in sediments, forming the bedrock of complex marine food chains. Due to climate change and overfishing, wild sea cucumber populations have plummeted in recent years.

Leveraging Hong Kong’s special status as the world’s centre of the sea cucumber trade, Labway strives to take the lead into promoting sustainability of sea cucumbers in Hong Kong.

Investing in Sustainability

Our goal is to build Hong Kong’s first sea cucumber breeding and farming platform to develop and share our techniques and know-hows on sea cucumber aquaculture with the world to keep them sustainable for our future generations.

"It's just the beginning of something greater than ourselves."

We are looking forward to deliver all the health benefits of sea cucumbers to you in a most sustainable manner.

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